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itim International and The Hofstede Centre become Hofstede Insights

We are thrilled to announce that itim International and The hofstede centre have united to become Hofstede Insights, emphasising our new identity as “the” company for managing the impact of culture on work and life to our existing and potential clients.

Operating globally, our network provides expert research-based consulting and training to companies.

We have transitioned from the two brands into an independent, full-service company providing expert knowledge and consulting in the fields of Organisational Culture and Intercultural Management.

Egbert Schram, Group CEO, Hofstede Insights, comments:

“This rebrand marks a significant step in the company’s evolution. We are redefining who we are. The main reason is to bring our existing 2 brands (the Hofstede centre and itim International) together as one brand and solidify us as “the” company for managing the impact of culture on work and life to our existing and potential clients.

Our brand ethos has always been built on trust, credibility, research and knowledge – that is what has kept our business growing successfully for the past 30 years and we will continue this ethos.”

With our new brand as well as our new innovative services such as our “Culture Connection” launching later this year, our focus is on providing the best research-based consulting and training in the marketplace.

We are pioneering the application of academic research into business areas and we are instrumental in continuously building on the work of our well-renowned co-founder Prof. Geert Hofstede.

Continuously building on the work of Prof. Geert Hofstede we deliver solutions to optimise international teamwork, to improve global cooperation, and to find the right balance between standardisation and localisation.

Our consultants draw on more than 30 years of experience improving effectiveness for companies like IKEA and SIEMENS, successfully extending the global reach of companies large and small.