We believe that the best insights are generated by combining our cultural knowledge with the expertise knowledge of local markets from our local partners. As such we are always open to discuss partnering, especially with partners who like to promote our research-based approach in their local countries.

Our main selection criteria is the ability of our partners to act as brand ambassadors – enabling us to create more impact among their members and to help our partners to raise overall levels of cultural awareness in their environment.

Here’s a quick overview of our current active partnerships:

Amcham Finland
We are a proud partner of Amcham Finland´s “Welcome to Finland” business package.

Culture Mee
CultureMee helps travellers overcome culture shock and is the first app in the world to crowdsource culture for locals and non-locals.

ESAN Business School
Our official partner in Peru

Finnish HR Federation, our official Best Culture to Perform partner in Finland

How to Win
Our official Danish Best Culture to Perform distributor

People Business Consulting
Our official Indian Best Culture to Perform distributor

MBA-Exchange and Careernomics
Our online resales partner for the Culture Compass in the academic world

Our Culture Connections consumer branding partner

Tilburg University
Our Cross-Cultural Research course partner