Whether we are talking about managing an international workforce or creating an organisational culture that will attract, retain, and nurture the talent in your organisation, understanding culture is notoriously difficult and the stakes are high, as illustrated in this Article.

We believe that culture should be at the centre of the conversation in all organisations and that it is possible to make it visible and understandable. To help you answer the burning questions in your organisations, we handpick one of our expert consultants each month to answer everything related to culture

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Jan Vincent is an author and publishes articles and books on intercultural management.

He is also an experienced trainer and coach with a focus on leadership and negotiation skills. He assists global managers in both the public and private sector, focusing on developing sound cross-cultural business strategies, enhancing cultural competencies, and preparing for international business missions and complex cross-cultural negotiations.

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Pia Kähärä

Pia works as a consultant helping Finnish companies in their ’go to market’ efforts in Russian-speaking countries like Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, as well as helping companies from those countries come to Finland.

In addition to her native Finnish, Pia speaks fluent Russian and English. Pia’s aim is to help managers perform better in business between countries and in multicultural teams – diminishing stereotypes between societies. Her broad practical business experience with European and Russian-speaking countries helps her to deliver tailored programs and trainings that are firmly anchored in solving real-life business situations.

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