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Hofstede Insights France

Transform your cultural diversity into an asset. Culture is the ultimate efficiency hack for your organisation.

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Hofstede Insights France has spent over 20 years helping some of the world’s largest organisations transform their cultural diversity and intercultural challenges into an asset.

The French team, composed of multicultural profiles, enlights organisations’ reflections through a powerful cultural reading of situations.

Among the topics widely affected by cultural differences :

  • Communication
  • Leadership styles and commitment
  • Acceptance of change
  • Dealing with diversity, equity and inclusion
Our Intercultural Services
We develop intercultural competencies:
Allow your teams (and/or individuals) to better understand and deal with cultural differences for better efficiency and peace of mind at work.
Our Organisational Culture Consulting
We align corporate culture with strategy:

Benefit from a unique and practical approach that will help you to realize if your current corporate culture is ready to serve your development plans.
We optimize global team effectiveness:

Discover powerful and tailored solutions to enable multicultural team members to create their own system to perform together.

Our Experts in France

Valérie Servant

A French native, Valérie holds two post-graduate degrees in service quality and HR. She started her professional life working as a consultant for one of the largest French consulting firms where she occupied senior management positions and later moved on to a director position in a nautical tourism company located in the West Indies.
Throughout her international career, she has often been confronted with Intercultural issues and the consequences they can have on her customers.
Valérie has lived in several countries and has conducted over 250 international projects in China, Australia, Japan, US, Mexico, Turkey to only name a few. This gives her the unique ability to relate to her customers and create applicable and tailored solutions to reach the
Best Culture to Perform.

Valeria RODRÍGUEZ Brondo

As a graduate in international relations, Valeria has experience both in international organizations (UNEP, UN, OAS, FONPLATA, CIC, etc.) and in multinational companies (Evergreen, TNT). Her area of expertise encompasses international negotiations with various stakeholders, project management, public participation, marketing and international sales. Valeria has developed her own consulting company for South American companies that want to expand their business in Africa.

Valeria loves languages as much as cultures, she is a multilingual professional having the ability to communicate and facilitate in Spanish, Portuguese, English, French and also partially in Italian.

Diego Gilardoni

Diego has worked with international clients from different industries across Europe and beyond with a focus on intercultural management and communication, global mindset development, leadership development, and international expansion while combining the different tools developed by Hofstede Insights to help international companies navigate global complexity and align their culture with their international strategies.
He is a sought-after public speaker and he is regularly invited to speak at international conferences and corporate events around the world, including the Instanbul Global Leadership Summit, the World Communication Forum, the PWC Global Sport Summit, or the Euro-China Forum in Brussels.

Diego is the author of three books, including “Decoding China. Cross-cultural strategies for successful business with the Chinese” (Itim International, 2017).

I especially appreciated the tailor-made approach. It is not a copy-pasted one found everywhere and it is a real partnership.

Majda Vincent, ISS France

Valérie Servant knows her topic perfectly and knows how to transmit her knowledge during rich and focused learning experiences.

Patrick Benammar, Groupe Renault

All of us appreciated the professional approach, the rigour and the capacity of adaptation of Valérie and her colleagues.

Christine Morin, IKEA France

The seminars provided by Hofstede Insights are some of the best ones our managers ever participated in. They are very popular and everyone finds concrete answers to their concerns. We have been collaborating for the past 10 years and are counting on many more years of successful collaboration.

Lucie Mourier, GoodyearTire & Rubber Company

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