Alette Vonk

Alette holds a Master of Non Western Sociology of the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, which is her home country and base today. She has her consultancy in change management, specialised in Organisational Development (OD) interventions and she has been a long standing member of the Board of IODA (International Organisation Development Association).

Whether she facilitates a change process in an international corporate, or she leads a number of complex integration projects of migrant communities in the Netherlands (originally from Morocco, Turkey and others), she does it all with intelligence, heart, competence and pleasure.

Having lived for a longer period of time in a complete different culture, Alette has a thorough understanding of the depth of some of the differences, their impact in professional settings and the natural occurrence of mismatches and misunderstandings. Cultural competences and skills are essential in the world of today, in order to reach our goals.

The Hofstede model of national culture is excellent in explaining these differences. The model is compact and accessible, yet convincingly able to explain a very complex world. Furthermore the model is empirically well substantiated and it provides for deep understanding of values and, as a consequence, possible alternatives for behaviour and communication.

The Hofstede Multi-focus model of organisational culture provides a thorough and transparent overview of cultural features that either enable or hinder the achievement of the organisation’s objectives. The Organisational Culture Scan forms a reliable starting point for a change process.

Developing (inter)cultural programs, Alette assists you and your organisation not only to acquire new understanding but also to apply it to the different aspects within your organisation.