Andrew Robinson

In the twenty-eight years Andrew Robinson has lived in Japan, he has worked in various areas — academics, business-executive training, teaching project management courses and most recently in information technology. In almost all cases, this work was with multicultural teams and in culturally diverse environments. At university in the United States, his dual majors were in Western Literature and History, with minors in Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology. Over his career in Japan he has worked in a variety of business environments, ranging from large multinational corporations to small start-ups.

In addition to being certified as an Associate Partner by Hofstede Insights, Andrew has received training in other human capital methodologies like Lumina Learning, Human Synergistics and Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), as well as IT-related certifications in various cloud systems, DevOps, Agile workflow design and for Google and Apple systems administration.