Anna Paola Simonetti

The beginning of Anna’s interest in cultural differences was probably when she joined multicultural teams operating in international programmes, very soon in her professional career. The most important experience she had at international level was in Brussels, where she worked as a conference interpreter for the European Union, for three years.

Anna lives in Milan, Italy, where she got her university degree in Latin and Greek Literatures at Università Cattolica. She started her career in a multinational I.T. Company where she worked for several departments: Internal and External Communications, Advertising, Marketing, Education and Training.

Since 1992 as professional trainer and consultant she carried out many programs dedicated to communications skills, presentation techniques, personal development and organizational behaviour, for clients of different market areas.

In 1995 Anna joined itim International (now Hofstede Insights) as trainer and consultant in intercultural management.

Since then she delivered courses, lectures and seminars on national cultural differences, in which management and culture know-how are integrated by applying Hofstede’s Model.

She is often invited by Italian universities to enhance cultural awareness and competence for students in master courses.

She is a professional coach accredited by the Italian School of Coaching; with Maurizio Manetti she founded Si. Ma. Consulting, a company dedicated to training, consultancy and coaching for executives, managers and employees of the most important national and international companies.

In 2014, Anna translated Professor Geert Hofstede book “Culture e Organizzazioni”, edited by FrancoAngeli and presented at LUISS University in Rome.

Anna writes articles on the importance of cultural awareness in business and management: one example is in the attached file.

Anna is fluent in English and French.