Elizabeth Tuleja


I help cultivate global leadership skills in a diverse workforce at home or abroad. Through online courses, cross-cultural assessment, executive coaching, and consulting, professionals who work with cultural diversity can grow their leadership capabilities no matter where they are in the world.


Elizabeth is an associate partner with Hofstede Insights, specializing in cross-cultural assessment tools. She has launched her online executive education program, Globalbizleader, which provides online courses, coaching, and consulting for professionals who need to develop their leadership skills while leading and managing diverse groups.

Elizabeth obtained her master’s degree and Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in Education and Linguistics. She is a certified professional coach and an expert on cross-cultural assessment. Her focus is on leadership development built over time and uses a variety of assessment tools to help professionals develop their emotional and cultural intelligence.

For over 20 years Elizabeth has worked with business professionals in executive education to help develop cross-cultural leadership skills in a VUCA – volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous – world.

She is the author of "Intercultural Communication for Global Business: How Leaders Communicate For Success", (2e) Routledge, 2021.


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  • Tuleja, E., & Schachner, M. (2020). From Shared Values to Cultural Dimensions: A Comparative Review. In G. Rings & S. Rasinger (Eds.), The Cambridge Handbook of Intercultural Communication (Cambridge Handbooks in Language and Linguistics, pp. 96-119). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. doi:10.1017/9781108555067.009
  • Global and Culturally Diverse Leaders and Leadership, edited by Jean Lau Chin, Joseph E. Trimble, and Joseph E. Garcia (2017). The chapter: How the Communal Philosophies of Ubuntu in Africa and Confucius Thought in China Might Enrich Western Notions of Leadership.
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Honours and Awards 

  • Fulbright Scholar to China 2017-2018
  • 2020 China Annual Spring Festival Symposium for Foreign Experts, Beijing
  • International Association for Business Communication Teaching Award 2015
  • Faculty Fellow, Kellogg Institute of International Studies, University of Notre Dame 2010-2018
  • Faculty of Excellence Award, Chinese University of Hong Kong 2007, 2008, 2009


  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
  • Certified Practitioner with the following online assessment tools:
    • Cultural Orientations Indicator
    • Global Competencies Inventory
    • Intercultural Development Inventory; Intercultural Effectiveness Scale
    • Global Mindset Inventory
    • GlobeSmart Profile
  • Harvard University Case Seminar Certificate
  • MBTI Certification via Type Resources Qualifying Program
  • Advanced MBTI Analysis Training via Type Resources Qualifying Program

Expert in

Intercultural competence


Government and Supranational, Education, Consulting


Intercultural Management

Worked and lived in

USA, China



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The greatest learning I took from the course is the awakening of the 'consciousness' of understanding that we are each totally different and more when we come from different cultures and live in different places where we were born. Understanding our differences and respecting them will make us not only better managers, but better human beings and our work and social coexistence over time will allow us to grow in tolerance as a society towards a better humanity.

Omar M., Manager, Automotive Industry (USA & MEXICO)

I have just moved to the North Sea coast of Germany. Am working for a scientific institute that is located close to the sea. When I open the windows of my new flat, I can hear the container ships giving signal and the seagulls crying. I still think a lot about the lessons from Globalbizleader.com and I am so happy to have learned so much about the basics of intercultural communication. None of these learnings could have prepared me better for the colourful and amazing experiences working with multicultural groups of scientists! The learnings were spot on and expressed that this is a lifelong learning process and there is always a lot new to learn and experience. We only need to be open for it. Thank you so much for it all, Elizabeth.

Christine G., Expertise in Multicultural Scientific Teams

Tuleja's energy and expertise are simply inspiring because her style Is accessible and her guidance applicable for various business contexts. She is a great mentor and colleague. She is highly collaborative and brings great value to anyone who comes in contact with her, personally and professionally. Tuleja embodies positivity, resilience and empathy wherever she goes.

Samara H. President of CulturGrit, LLC

Elizabeth's coaching approach is warm, reflective, and pragmatic. With her support I was able to progress a lot faster and reach my goals a lot quicker than I imagined. I really enjoyed my coaching journey with her.

Birte K., HR Specialist: Germany, Dubai, Canada

I want to express my thanks & gratitude to you for coaching me during the difficult time of my career. Your patience to listen to me without judgement allows me to clear my mind and answer the most important but also difficult question "what do I really want?". At the same time, I was inspired by your energy, willingness to go extra mile helping me and to challenge my thinking really help open up fresh perspective and help me moving forward.

Tan N., Business Development CPC Coach, Vietnam

Elizabeth’s infectious enthusiasm, positivity, and genuine care make her stand out as a great coach. She has a brilliant mind but does not let that come in the way of her connection with her clients. Her priority is always to support her clients, and I have benefited greatly from her energy and encouragement.

Paul C., ACC Coach, Australia