Marlond Antunez

Having worked as a manager and consultant for more than two decades in different countries, Marlond offers strong cross-cultural negotiation and business strategy training & consultancy to companies looking for business expansion and to teams who needs preparation for international business missions.


Marlond has 20+ years of experience in the private sector, as a manager in the International Trade and Logistics areas, he has gained a strong background in import/export departments (commercial and operations) and has a profound knowledge of international trade routines worldwide. In his industries' portfolio expertise are wood, furniture, plastic, food and beverages.

Having spent most of his working time travelling and living abroad he has helped numerous medium-sized multinationals to develop business across countries. In 2012 he started his own consultancy company to help customers deal with their international operations linking buyers and sellers to negotiate together and overcome country barriers.

In 2020, Marlond successfully completed a Master on International Business and joined Hofstede Insight as an associate partner.  As an experienced trainer and business consultant, his expertise lies in cross-cultural negotiation as well as intercultural business strategy and development. Marlond’s vast business experience worldwide helps customers to enhance cultural competencies and prepare teams and leaders for international business missions and complex cross-cultural negotiations, for both the public and private sectors.

He has lived, studied and worked in Brazil, China, and Portugal. South American and Chinese cultures are his speciality. He regularly visits Central Europe countries, the Middle East, South America and South Asia’s countries, South Africa, U.S.


  • Study on International Physical Distribution  (in Portuguese)
  • Ethical Leadership as a Discouragement Agent for Moral Disengagement and Unethical Behavior in Cross-Cultural Environment (copies available upon request)


Expert in

Global expansion strategy, Intercultural negotiation, Intercultural competence


Manufacturing, Consulting, Agriculture & Forestry, Construction, Transportation & Supply Chain


Intercultural Management

Worked and lived in

Uruguay, Brazil, China, Portugal


English, Portuguese, Spanish

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