Masako Kato

Masako Kato

What makes the intercultural work of Masako unique and special is her empathy with the participants and listening skills to connect their personal feelings and experiences with the cultural knowledges to deepen and widen the participants' cultural insights.


Masako Kato is an independent intercultural management trainer and coach associated with Hofstede Insights for 20 years. Currently, she delivers intercultural trainings for her long term clients such as Fujifilm, Teijin Aramid, MUFG Bank, Kyocera Document Solutions and more. As a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, she is also active in coaching international executives and teams.

Masako has a deep understanding of human and organisational development through her experiences as HR officer/manager at Fujifilm and as certified Intercultural and Organisational Management Consultant with Hofstede Insights.

Masako uses 6D model of National Culture and the Multi-Focus Model on Organisational Management to help her clients get deeper insights in diverse cultural perspectives and current state of organisational culture of their organisation. These deep insights always help her clients make well informed and culturally sensitive decisions for changes.

As mentioned above, before becoming intercultural management consultant at Hofstede Insights, she worked as a HR officer/manager at Fujifilm in Europe. Before that, she started her career as an international congress organizer in Tokyo, Japan.

Other Certifications

  • Professional Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation

Expert in

Leadership development, Culture change and transition, Intercultural competence


Human Resources, Management, Consulting


Intercultural Management, Organisational Culture

Worked and lived in

Japan, The Netherlands, USA


Dutch, English, Japanese

Travels from

The Netherlands

We organised two Cultural Trainings of Ms. Masako Kato. One training was short (but sweet) version with the focus on writing emails with Japanese colleagues. The other training was a full day and was attended by colleagues who travel to Japan or management positions. The first thing that struck me was the very high interest and attendance. All invitees were there and stayed. The training was very well received and colleagues made a point of emailing their positive feedback. The training did not only give a very good and practical understanding of working in and with the Japanese culture but did not leave it at that. It was a day of insight on cultures; our own culture and how we reacted to different cultures.Ms. Masako Kato is a very professional trainer. It is a joy to see her in front of a group. Her humor and very apt feeling for the group dynamics made her training very inspiring.

Marieke van Well in her position as HR Director at Mitsubishi caterpillar

I am grateful to have been Masako’s client. The insights that she had, and the connections she made between diverse topics I presented, were uncanny. She cut to the heart of the matter and brought a focus to our coaching. In just a few sessions I felt a huge difference and had real clarity on what I needed to do, and why. It was so much simpler, easier, and yet profound, all because of her gentle guidance. I was worried English as second language might hamper us, but instead found Masako’s command of subtle emotional and development language expressed what was going on more precisely than my own thoughts. You are lucky if Masako is your coach!

Paula McLeod in her position as an executive coach