Nadir Karanjia

The ability to empathise yet relate to all sides of an issue and find the best solution for all stakeholders.


India’s first Associate Partner, Nadir joined in 2004. Experienced in 3 cross-culture ownership changes within the organization over 16 years. An Intercultural case study in itself.

Having worked extensively across the spectrum of Organisational structure – Top Management, Mid Level Management and Executive Employee groups, Nadir has developed the ability to meaningfully connect with most participants on an individual level in group training.

Nadir has trained groups in India, China, Taiwan and Singapore with considerable success and over a plethora of different industries. With a list of enviable clients over the years that include Unilever, Accenture, Barco, KPMG, Thales, IBM, IGSI, Henderson, ACG, MWH Global (UK) and many others, Nadir has cultivated a cross-cultural clientele spanning many different industries and nationalities.

“Keeping it Real” is the recurring theme of Nadir’s highly interactive and immersive interventions and training. Theories and postulates are all well and good, but getting people to share experiences and relate to the Hofstede Model on a personal and meaningful level is an expertise that Nadir has cultivated over more than 2 and a half decades of his professional career.

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Culture change and transition, Sales, marketing and advertising, Corporate communications


Marketing and Consumer Goods, IT and Telecommunications, Management, Marine Paints, Construction, Iron & Steel


Intercultural Management

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English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati

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