Paulo Finuras

Through my research, writing, mentoring & workshops, I guide leaders and managers to develop intercultural awareness and Trust skills.


Through my research, writing, mentoring and workshops, I guide leaders and managers to discover the evolutionary origins of our behaviour and its consequences for leadership. As an Intercultural Management expert, I have over 25 years of experience in consulting and training for a wide range of private and public organisations in different countries and regions worldwide.

Throughout my career, I have worked and researched extensively on Intercultural Leadership and Communication as well as Trust and Culture Differences. I have developed a model on how to create trust in leadership, teams and in organisations which lead to the creation of unique tools to measure Trust.

I am the author of over 10 published books on the subject of:

  • Intercultural Management
  • Evolution & Behaviour
  • Trust

I hold a PhD. in Political Science from the ULHT (2013), Lisbon and an MSc in Sociology from the ISCTE-IUL (1989) Lisbon. I am an Invited Associate Prof. at ISG - Business & Economics School. My research focuses primarily on Evolutionary Psychology, Trust Factor, Bio-Leadership, Organisational Behaviour, Strategic HRM and Cultural Intelligence. I regularly publish articles and scientific papers in international journals and publications.


Conference speeches and keynotes:

Paper and Articles


  • 2020 – Da Natureza das Causas Psicologia Evolucionista e Biopolitica. Lisboa: Edições Sílabo
  • 2018 – Bioliderança: porque seguimos quem seguimos? Lisboa. Ed. Sílabo
  • 2016 – Globalização, Diferenças Culturais e Gestão Internacional de RH. Lisboa: Ed. Silabo
  • 2015 – Primatas Culturais – Evolução e Natureza Humana. Lisboa: Ed. Silabo
  • 2014 – Valores Culturais e (Des) Confiança nas Instituições. Lisboa: Ed. Silabo
  • 2013 – O Dilema da Confiança – Estudos, teorias e Interpretações. Lisboa: Ed. Silabo
  • 2012 – Humanus: pessoas iguais, culturas diferentes. Lisboa: Ed. Silabo (2.a Ed. Revista e Atualizada)
  • 2011 – Gestão Intercultural. Lisboa. Ed. Sílabo (3a Edição Revista, Atualizada e Expandida)
  • 1999 – Gestão Internacional e Recursos Humanos. Lisboa. Ed. Silabo


Expert in

Leadership development, Organisational leadership, Intercultural competence


Education, IT and Telecommunications, Human Resources


Intercultural Management Certification, Organisational Culture Certification, Trust Certification

Worked and lived in

Portugal, Angola, Cape Verde Islands


English, Portuguese, French

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