Pernilla Rorso

Pernilla Rorso

To Pernilla, the greatest joy is to observe people’s increased self-confidence and enthusiasm after supporting the development of their cultural capabilities and the positive effect it has on business performance.”Culture may be a Soft Factor, but it has a very Hard Effect on the Bottom-Line.”


Self-directed, goal-driven and highly qualified with comprehensive business experience and cultural knowledge, I am passionate about supporting the development of organizations’ cultural capabilities to drive business performance. 

With a background in international business and strategy, I serve a global client base and specialize in large-scale results-driven training and development programs as well as consulting services aimed at building strong global cultural capabilities. I deliver hands-on training and consulting aimed at helping leaders and managers develop the skills required to effectively and appropriately manage and work across diverse countries. All my training and consulting interventions are customized to the needs of the client and anchored in the strategic goals and objectives of the organization in question.

My advanced knowledge of culture and strategy have also led to design of innovative cross-cultural management training and development programs directed towards 21st century business needs, such as ‘leading at distance’ and ‘global mobility’.

Recent training related cultural assignments include leadership training and development programs at various levels (incl. CXO) and talent development programs, covering a wide range of cultures, e.g., US, Canada, India, China, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Poland and the Nordics.

Areas of expertise include culture - and strategy, leadership, stakeholder management, diversity, inclusion, mobility, leading at distance, foreign market entry, foreign market establishment, outsourcing, project management and negotiations.




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Leadership Development, Intercultural Competence


Aviation, Cargo


Intercultural Management, Organisational Culture

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Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, Poland, Finland, US, Canada, and China


Danish, Swedish, English, Norwegian

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