Sanyogita Kulkarni

Sanyogita Kulkarni

Sanyogita is an empathic facilitator who swiftly communicates across cultures and passionately leads engaging workshops for diverse groups. With her niche know-how, she specialises in offering unique solutions to Culture, combining her knowledge of consulting and andragogy.


As a former language professor, Sanyogita has trained thousands of students in foreign language acquisition and intercultural communication for over 10 years. After a thorough academic research on cross-cultural communication during her teaching career, Sanyogita joined Hofstede Insights as "Associate Partner" in 2022. She is certified in Intercultural Management; Organisational Culture and she is also trained to administer Cultural Adaptability Profile Test and to coach executive expatriates.

Sanyogita is extensively trained in legal sciences and andragogy. She combines her meticulous grasp of Indian judiciary and diverse legal expertise with her intercultural skills to resolve intricate business situations. As a teachers' trainer, she has studied and conducted multiple programmes in France and India for language professionals. She has also been a seasoned examiner of DELF examinations. Her mission today is to unravel the Indian psyche to the world and promote more and more international collaborations in business. She has worked with many leading Francophone organisations and helped them establish in India in terms of social as well as legal integration. A great number of diplomatic and corporate expatriates, along with their families can vouch for her excellence in deeply understanding specific needs of her clients before offering a unique blend of knowledge and know-how in her consulting.

Sanyogita is a polyglot and she makes the most of her fluency in French as well as in English by consulting in many francophone and anglophone countries across the globe. She particularly enjoys transcending the limits of global languages to make Culture accessible to all and offers an inclusive consulting experience in Indian regional languages as well.

Being a globe-trotter, she has worked with more than 60 different nationalities in the last decade. She blends her astute persona with data-driven services in Organisational Culture, Intercultural Management and Cross-cultural coaching. She believes in optimising our powerful analytics to support her consulting. In her leisure time, she is found travelling, gardening, exploring exotic cuisines or she is often invisible in some corner of the house, writing her personal blog.

Honours and awards

  • Licenced jury of DELF-DALF examinations
  • member of SIETAR India

Expert in

Culture Change and Transition, Intercultural Competence, Language Acquisition


Government/Supranational, Education, Communication, Marketing and Consumer Goods


Intercultural Management, Organisational Culture

Worked and lived in

India, France


English, Marathi, Hindi, French

Travels from


I recently had the opportunity to attend a workshop conducted by Sanyogita, where she provided training on intercultural management. Impressive presentation skills - she was able to explain complex information in a simple and easy to understand manner and also kept the workshop interesting throughout. She also provided valuable insights that can be applied to my work. Overall, I strongly recommend Sanyogita and Hofstede Insights to anyone looking to enhance their understanding of intercultural management.

Amit Chilamwar, Industrial and Experience Designer at Barco, India

Her understanding and international relations distinguishes her capabilities to work with diverse groups of people in their context as an intercultural management expert. A good listener without prejudice. Focuses on the strategy, goals and objectives of her clients, to support her recommendations.

Lovelace Adjei-Aku, Lead consultant at The Growth Hub in Ghana