Carel Jacobs

Carel is associate partner of Hofstede Insights and a certification agent for the educational sector of the company. He has extensive international experience in consulting services, and the development and implementation of training activities.

He has a Master’s degree from Tilburg University (The Netherlands) in social sciences with a specialisation in the sociology of organisations and management of change.

Carel has always been working in the world of organisation development, managing change, training and education. He was consultant, trainer, project manager, interim manager and director in different organisations in both the public sector (e.g. institutes for professional education, Fire Service Academy) and private sector. Due to his international meetings and projects he became interested in cultural differences between participants from different countries and became enthusiastic about the scientific research of professor Hofstede.

Now, as a senior consultant he supports organisations in drafting strategic business and strategic marketing, community building, integrated management, change management, total quality management, intercultural management, organisation culture and diversity, in both the public sector (universities, government, the Dutch National Bank) and the private sector. He was project manager and trainer in a number of international projects, e.g. in the Czech Republic (consulting about international affairs for the Czech Chamber of Commerce), Romania (developing mission, strategy and marketing for the National Training Institute) and Slovakia (training of HR directors in developing education policy and managing training programmes). He is also professional moderator of strategic conferences and is trainer in moderation, management skills and intercultural management.

Carel has published books (integrated management, information management, total quality management), produced a tv-programme (TELEAC Television on integrated management) and educational videotapes (skills training in the fire service) and wrote articles about integrated management, how to attract and capture professionals, management of change, total quality management, information management, intercultural management, organisation culture, training needs analysis, new learning methods and transfer of training.