Courtenay Carey

Courtenay Carey is a trainer and facilitator specialising in Human Connection.  With a particular focus on how human beings can successfully integrate themselves into different environments, Courtenay has dedicated her life’s work to understanding how people connect better to achieve their desired outcomes.
She focuses the following aspects to improve this connection:
  • Cultural Understanding: With a thorough knowledge on what motivates people to think and behave in certain ways, one is far more likely to be successful in social and business related matters.
  • Conversational Connection: Individuals learn how to craft conversations to achieve trust and cooperation both in businesses and in family life.
  • Behaviour: Individuals learn how to conduct themselves with confidence in different social or business settings
  • Body Language and Micro-expressions: This behaviour affects how we understand people and how to respond appropriately. Through understanding the subtleties of non-verbal communication, one is given the advantage of reading more accurately what is not being said.
  • Inter-governmental connection: Protocol and Diplomacy help countries and organisations create a safe framework for doing business that ensures, respect, honour and efficacy.
Having grown up in an extremely multi-cultural country, Courtenay understood the need to be well-versed in cultural issues in order to avoid misunderstandings and rather achieve greater harmony.  She has a degree in Politics, philosophy and Economics and a post-graduate in Enterprise Management.  She is ever expanding her knowledge on her unique subject matter having attended executive courses in Washington, New York, Spain, Belgium and The Netherlands.  She has travelled to over 50 countries.
Courtenay offers a different and more holistic approach to social, business and cultural success.  She believes in using a multifaceted approach to understanding and resolving organisational challenges.