Elena Giunco-Stenina

Elena Giunco-Stenina

With more than 15 years of international work experience in leading global companies, Elena focuses on providing tailored practical solutions for organizations, diverse teams, and professionals, helping them successfully operate across cultures in the complex international environment.


The Netherlands, Russia, Italy

Russian, English

The Netherlands


Elena Giunco -Stenina is an experienced business development lead with a demonstrated history of working across sporting goods, FMCG, IT, and luxury goods & jewellery industries. Elena is skilled in leadership, people management & development, negotiation, sales, retail & wholesale, category management, and merchandising.

Her career in local Russian and leading global organisations had her exposed to the cultural diversity of over 60 nations across CIS, Eastern, and Western Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the USA. Working with multinational and diverse teams, negotiating with diverse partners contributed to a wide range of competencies providing her with an excellent understanding of organisational and cultural challenges and their impact on business and day-to-day reality.

Through that experience, Elena cultivated a passion for promoting diversity and inclusion, which prompted her to join Hofstede Insights as an Associate Partner and become specialised in Intercultural communication, negotiation and leadership as well as Organisational culture strategic change and transformation.

By applying Hofstede Insights frameworks combined with her skills and experience Elena focuses on providing tailored practical solutions for organisations, diverse teams, and individuals, helping them successfully operate across cultures in the complex international environment.

Elena graduated from Moscow State Linguistic University with a Master’s degree (MSc) in Linguistics and Intercultural communication. A Russian currently residing in the Netherlands, she has dual citizenship (Russia and Italy). She speaks Russian and English fluently, has some knowledge of French and Italian.



Elena led a series of organizational culture change and transformation sessions for us. First and foremost, we finally worked as team that has one common goal. In matrix structure it is always a challenge. We spend months to develop a strategy but with Elena’s guidance and coaching we’ve managed to create it in 1 day! This is not just a training exercise – as a leader I truly felt that people put effort into this. As a result all other sessions were meaningful and relevant for the whole group. However the biggest learning was when we had all x-functional team members to participate in the last session. Everyone engaged naturally – this only proves that people can make great things together when they are given the opportunity to. At the same time I should give a lot of credit to Elena and the way she built the flow of the sessions. Simple structure, clear goals, always on point questions, strong facilitation skills and a great understanding of people.

Denis Nikiforov | Country Manager at Vans Russia