Ewa Kubica

Ewa Kubica joined House of Skills in 2010 and Hofstede Insights few years later. She specializes in development of high potentials in organization, creating the culture of effectiveness and engagement as well as building high performing teams. She has 10 years of experience gained in various areas and various markets, including IT, technology, media industry, retail, FMCG and automotive.

Education & Qualification

– Postgraduate degree in Coaching and Mentoring at SWPS / Laboratorium Psychoedukacji and Human Resource
Management at the University of Warsaw

– Masters degree in Psychology at the Jagiellonian University, specialization: Psychology Organization and Sport

– Trainer Certificate 4 degree EFQ obtained Jagiellonian University Extension School Coaches in Cracow

– Certified Extended DISC®, Belbin Poland® and Hogan Assessment® consultant

– Certificate ‘Organizational development consulting’ entitlement to the use of methodologies and Advisio tools,
Certification in Organizational Culture & The Multi-Focus Model by Hofstede Insights

Professional Focus & Expertise

Business consultant and coach. She support organizations and individuals in their professional growth by using licensed methodology and tools, as well as simple traditional methods such as powerful questions, feedback or sharing own experiences. She designs and implements the process of change at all levels: whole organizations, teams and individuals. Projects which makes sense and creates better environment of work for people fuel her motivation and passion for work.

Speciality: Organisational culture