George Lupascu Pruna

Having earned his Master’s degree in Corporate and Leadership Psychology in 2007, with a dissertation paper on Hofstede’s dimensions and their connection with assertiveness in the Romanian IT companies, it was a natural step for George to join in 2015 Itim International (now Hofstede Insights) by getting licensed on Hofstede’s 6D model for National Culture and on Hofstede’s Multi-Focus model on Organisational Transformation.

Since then he has worked with different organisations and helped them improve the communication with their foreign partners, increase their efficiency internally and align the Practices with their Strategy in their unique external environment.

Being a graduate of the Automation Engineering faculty, he worked for 6 years in Automation Project Management and Software development for Procter & Gamble and Siemens VDO (now Continental), delivering projects all over the world, from New York to Prague, Brussels, Kiev and Shanghai, and leading different multi-national teams, hence getting to understand how Project Management, Motivation and Employee Engagement happens in different parts of the world in a different way.

As Manufacturing Operations Manager he worked for 5 years, leading different production teams for Procter & Gamble and Lindstrom in Romania and Ukraine and became proficient in the 5E Leadership model, managing to Envision, Engage and Energise his people to deliver the daily business needs, while focusing on the long term goals.

A special challenge was in 2014 during the complex political period in Ukraine (the revolution in Kiev, the war in the East of Ukraine and the electricity restrictions from the government during the winter of 2014 in Kiev), when he managed to keep his team on top of the challenges and hence delivered the business. He is diagnosing vague corporate challenges (communication, motivation, stagnating projects, etc) by using Hofstede’s MultiFocus model and Hofstede’s 6D model and his activity covers mostly the Romanian and Ukrainian markets.