Hanne Pinholt

hanne Pinholt

As a Consultant and an Executive Coach, Hanne uses her business knowledge and experience to develop people and organisations. Her interest is the link between personality, culture, and behaviour. She offers individual coaching and workshops for individuals and organisations to enrich people´s knowledge and skills.


Denmark, Switzerland, South Africa, Spain, Luxembourg

English, Danish



Hanne grew up in the Western part of Denmark and from there as an adult, she travelled curiously out in the world. Through her experience from living and working in different countries, she has first-hand experience on diversity and other approaches to leadership and communication than what she learned as a Dane.

After more than 20 years of managing and growing employees and teams in industry, Hanne created her own business to support people to release their full potential. Now she works as a Consultant and Executive Coach with special attention on leadership, culture, and change – preferably with persons and organisations with an international perspective.

Her objective is to support each person willing to move for action on a path they have decided to be best for them. To open human potential to develop own area of strength. Hanne loves working with people, bringing them energy, inspire them through coaching. Every meeting with a new person is a beginning of a new journey.

Hannes’s education and training is around psychology, people, organisation, change, culture, and human behaviour. Continuous development and learning are an important part of Hanne´s DNA. Her philosophy is that life is a journey where she on a permanent basis learns, develop, and grow as a person and this she uses in her practice.

Honours and Awards 

  • EMCC Accredited Coach at Practitioner level