Huib Wursten

Huib Wursten

 Huib is the intellectual father of the “mental Images” he identified 7 combinations of Hofstede dimensions. He published a book about it in 2019: “The 7 Mental Images of National Culture” making it possible to quickly assess most cultures in the world.


The Netherlands

Dutch, English, German

The Netherlands


Huib is experienced in translating the international and global strategies and policies into the practical consequences for management. Since 1989 he has been working in this field with Fortune top 1000 companies and private organizations in 85 countries on all continents. He did this in the business sector with companies like IBM, 3M, McCain, Quest, Texaco, Vodafone, ABN AMRO, JP MorganChase, Nike and Unilever.

In the public sector, he consulted organization like the IMF in Washington. The Worldbank, the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Europol, UNDP, Council of Europe and the Dutch peacekeeping forces.

He has advised the Russian administration on the influence of culture on political and economic behaviour. He has written an award-winning paper which was published for “Nyfer”, a Research Institute related to Nijenrode University “Mentale Beelden. De invloed van Cultuur op (economisch) Beleid” (Mental Images. The influence of culture on (economic) policies, 1997). An English updated version of the article is available on request. He is fluent in English, German and Dutch.



  • Culture (self) exclusion, extremism and terrorism (2016)
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  • Huib Wursten (2017) Culture, religion and ethics. What is the connection?
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  • Huib Wursten (2018) Truth? What truth? Truth and fake through a cultural lens WHAT_TRUTH_TRUTH_AND_FAKE_THROUGH_A_CULTURAL_LENS?
  • Huib Wursten (2018) Culture and happiness. Some reflections Huib Wursten (2019) Democracy and the need for Autonomy

Honours and Awards 

  • The first price in a contest for a paper on “The influence of culture on economic policymaking”