Huib Wursten

Huib Wursten, born in 1942, is specialised in advising companies and supra-national organisations in how to manage global teams. He is experienced in translating the international and global strategies and policies into the practical consequences for management. Since 1989 he has been working in this field with a variety of Fortune top 1000 companies. Huib graduated from the University of Amsterdam in educational psychology (M.A.)

Up till 2008 Huib Wursten was manager and co-owner of  itim International. itim International is the global expert on national and organizational culture. Based upon the most extensive research done on cultural differences itim International provides their customers with a competitive edge by arming them with knowledge and resources to successfully work with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Itim provides training and consultancy in the field of culture and management which is designed to increase the effectiveness of anyone dealing with people from different cultural backgrounds.

For thirty years, Hofstede Insights has supported and advised organisations in correctly assessing intercultural and organisational culture issues and applying the results for business success. Huib is the intellectual father of the “six culture clusters” also indicated as “the 6 mental images”.