Jan Roelof Abbring

Jan-roelof abbring


Jan-Roelof is an experienced, enthusiastic, dedicated and knowledgeable coach, consultant and facilitator, who always aims to tailor and deliver programmes to meet participants’ expectations.


The Netherlands, Singapore

English, Dutch

The Netherlands


Born in Damascus, Syria (1960), Jan-Roelof spent his childhood in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain), where he attended the German school. After moving back to the Netherlands he studied aviation technology and obtained a Nima A and B marketing degree.

He worked for a number of international companies within the aviation industry as a Technical Representative and Sales Executive. As such, he travelled extensively within Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and the USA. In 1991 he moved with his family to Singapore, taking up a position as VP Marketing & Sales Asia for both an American and French organisation.

Upon his return to the Netherlands in 1998, Jan-Roelof became a Senior Consultant/Trainer and later the CEO of a consultancy firm with offices in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. He currently focusses on developing and delivering diverse programmes for global organisations, from junior to executive level. Within Hofstede Insights, Jan-Roelof is appointed master trainer, qualified to deliver internal train-the-trainer certifications. Services offered by Jan-Roelof are:

  • Individual coaching to help leaders and their teams to achieve higher levels of performance through the use of a powerful coaching and feedback framework.
  • Intercultural management, coaching and workshops, accredited by the Hofstede Insights. Providing an in-depth exploration of the values and drivers that determine the attitude, behaviour and practices of a specific national culture. How do these differ from your own culture? Acquire insights, tools and strategies for appropriate, comfortable and successful interaction and performance with or in the other culture.
  • Tailor-made in-company group workshops for management and skills programmes (communication skills, presentations, train-the-trainer, conflict resolution, influencing & negotiation, leadership & performance management, team development & trust, virtual management, etc.).
  • Consultancy – strategic analysis and advice regarding (international) business processes, people and performance (organisational & national culture).
  • Facilitation, speeches and lectures as part of business meetings, strategic sessions and events.

Some of the client companies he has worked for are Achmea, Barco, Canon, Epson, European Space Agency, Heineken, IBM, International Criminal Court, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, KPN, LyondellBasell, Nike, Tele2, Thales, TNT, Tommy Hilfiger, United Nations & Vebego.