Javier San Martin

Javier San Martin

My main contribution is the real knowledge about problems and conflicts related to the cultural and organizational differences and how to resolve them efficiently.


Spain, USA

English, Spanish



As a former Director, Javier’s expertise lies in managing and improving efficiency and profitability for engineering companies. Having experienced the failures created by the lack of cultural awareness of the leaders, he joined Hofstede Insights as an Associate Partner in 2000. He now combines his cultural and operational knowledge to deliver hands-on training and consulting. Some of his recent customers include Spanish engineering firms such as SENER, Ingeteam and different Universities (Deusto, Basque Country,..).

Javier holds a master’s degree in Engineering and is certified in Intercultural Management and Organisational Culture with Hofstede Insights. Javier has led cultural transformation projects and trained over 2000 managers and directors on how to successfully manage cultural differences.

Before becoming an Associate Partner, Javier worked in the UK, the USA and Austria as a Project Manager. He was also CEO in a Spanish – British engineering firm, managing the day-to-day operations and all staff matters. In his capacity, he has travelled extensively all over the world delivering training where required.


  • Article: Las diferencias culturales en los negocios internacionales: ¿Cómo abordarlas eficazmente? http://dx.doi.org/10.6036/9193
  • Podcast: http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/audios/tolerancia-cero/mundo-vida-adolescentes/1930690
  • Conference: EDUNOVATIC 2019 http://www.edunovatic.org/