Jean-Pierre Coene

Jean-Pierre Coene (1952) is Belgian. He started to work early, at the age of 17. Sales, contact and communications was already the field he wanted to be in. He started his own company at the age of 24 and sold it at the age of 30. He then joined an important French paper producer (Clairefontaine) as Sales Representative for the Belgian Market. Quickly in charge of the UK market as well and later in charge of Key European Accounts.

Jean-Pierre has an interesting mix of mind: partly Latin – being raised in Belgium and going from Inductive to Deductive knowledge, and vice-versa – he gained the pragmatic approach the Anglo-Saxon appreciated, although understanding well the need for «nice ideas» Latin people appreciate. His search for Harmony makes him feel very comfortable in Nordic Countries.

In 1996, he followed an intercultural management seminar given by Barbara Sumner, a Hofstede Insights licensee and started immediately to apply this new know-how: this allowed him to increase his grip on the « export » market in a very successful way. In 2010, he decided to become a Hofstede Insights Licensee himself: to transfer his knowledge and experience to new customers, helping them to become more effective across cultures.

Jean-Pierre is fluent in French and English and offers his clients pragmatic, workable tools to solve cultural problems in real business life. But even more than simply solving problems, Jean-Pierre can bring know-how to find new ways of gaining market shares, gaining confidence, and gaining new businesses

Jean-Pierre is now recognised  for its expertise in International Sales Negociation’ skill.  His training and coaching help people to improve their income, by being more often successful in their business negotiations.

His book “Négociation internationale, l’entretien de vente en B to B” is available in French. English, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch versions are on their way.