Jean-Pierre Coene

Jean-Pierre Coene (1952) is Belgian. He started to work early, at the age of 17. Sales, contact and communications was already the field he wanted to be in. He started his own company at the age of 24 and sold it at the age of 30. He then joined an important French paper producer (Clairefontaine) as Sales Representative for the Belgian Market. Quickly in charge of the UK market as well and later in charge of Key European Accounts.

Co-author of the book, NEGOTIATE LIKE A LOCAL, 7 mindset to increase your success rate in international business, Jean-Pierre got an interesting experience of international sales. He told us: “When I got the position of International Sales Manager, I looked for a book to explain the fundamentals of international sales, but it didn’t exists. Thirty years later, I wrote the book I was looking for. It’s a unique guide for international sales manager.

The book is available in English, Chinese and Italian ; soon also in German, Russian, Spanish and Arabic (end of 2019).

Jean-Pierre is fluent in French and English and offers his clients pragmatic, workable tools to solve cultural problems in real business life. But even more than simply solving problems, Jean-Pierre can bring know-how to find new ways of gaining market shares, gaining confidence, and gaining new businesses

Jean-Pierre is now recognised for his expertise in International Sales Negociation’ skill.  His training and coaching help people to improve their income, by being more often successful in their business negotiations.