Joanna Smit

From the start, Joanna has had encounters with multiple countries and languages. Born to Dutch and Congolese parents, she grew up multi-lingually and multi-nationally, and has lived and worked in her native Luxembourg, Germany, France, Spain and the UK.

She started her B.Sc. in Economics at University College London (UK) aged 16 and has a decade of experience in investment banking and SME finance across several European countries and other continents.

Her previous responsibilities as a salesperson in the investment banking division of Citigroup included sales pitches, presentations, negotiations of financing deals with investment or funding officials from both the public and private sector. These included central banks, ministries of finance, asset managers and pension funds across several countries worldwide.

Joanna has always made time for languages & international work and speaks 7 languages, including English, French and German at a fully professional level.

She joined Hofstede Insights as an associate partner in 2018, works with corporate clients on maximising their business objectives across cultures and borders, and guest lectures on intercultural management at various UK universities and business schools.

Joanna uses her background in sales and finance to make a direct link between the “softer side” of culture and day-to-day business practices and its impact on the “hard data” of her clients financial and business performance.