José Maria Menéndez Salcedo

José Maria Menéndez Salcedo

Engineer and Project manager with a proven track record in international projects and programs. Over 30 years background in different areas in several industries allow him to provide practical and useful guidance on how to get things done when working in intercultural projects.


Spain, England, Germany

English, Spanish



Engineer with a strong technical and social background, willing to help individuals and organizations to increase their effectiveness when doing business with other cultures’ stakeholders.

Wide experience in international projects and programmes (many of them in the energy and environmental areas), in international assignments and in corporate training programs.

As a Project developer he holds a big focus in stakeholders management. After many years working as a project manager and business developer & analyst, he spent 3 years defining and launching a corporate learning system on soft skills for Project team members working in high risk EPC projects in the international arena. This corporate Project Management School included an ICM module, which proved to be very useful among Engineering practitioners.

The next step was to become an Associate Partner himself, focusing on helping other industrial companies working by projects in a global market to succesfully surf the waves of the cultural differences.

He is also active on corporate transformation projects, Project management and sustainability issues and Sustainable Development Goals and culture change.