Marie-Helene Pedersen

Marie-Helene was born in the Seychelles islands and lived throughout her childhood and youth in Seychelles, Tanzania, and Kenya.

In those years, she grew up in a multi-ethnic society, with Europeans, Indians, Arabians, Chinese and Africans, in a mixture of Christians, Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhism, acquiring thus a multi-cultural identity.

She has also lived in Ireland where she took her further studies specialising in English and French and worked with World Trade Organisation (WTO) and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Geneva, Switzerland.

Her work took her to Belgium and France and later to Denmark (married to a Danish).She has a Masters in Learning and Innovative Change, specialising in Education and Competence Development in International Organisations and Institutions.

She works at present in a management consultancy company, dealing with organisational learning and organisational culture, Intercultural communication, competence development and learning transfer processes (before, under and after) in connection with training. As a change agent performing organisational and culture analysis, she designs learning processes leading to behavioural change for both management and employees.

Marie-Hélène speaks fluent English, Creole, Danish, and French.