Maurizio Manetti

During his long career; Maurizio has always taken care of the way organisations function and work. In his international assignment in a multicultural environment, he learnt immediately how difficult was to work and cooperate with people coming from different countries and experiences. As Itim Italy consultant he is mainly engaged in organisational culture.

Maurizio graduated in Economics and held professional and managerial positions in IBM, Data General and Mediobanca Group with responsibilities of human, technical and logistic resources, in Italy and abroad.

With Anna Paola Simonetti, he is the co-founder of Si.Ma. Consulting, and since 2010 he works as management consultant for Italian and international companies. He is mainly involved in re-organisation projects, start ups, merge and acquisitions, management team coaching and development; very often these projects are strongly influenced by differences in cultures. He is a member of AICP (the Italian association of professional coaches).

At the end of 2011 he was appointed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and by the Bank of Italy, President of OAM, the Italian authority for Agents and credit Brokers based in Rome.