Merita Vilen

Merita Vilen

Transformation Consultant who brings global and diverse mindset to the organizations that I serve. I offer over 15+ years’ experience, with identifying the needs of business and using appropriate change management and cultural transformation strategies to help achieve business objectives.


USA, Finland, UK

English, Finnish



Merita Vilen graduated from the University of Helsinki with a Master’s degree (MSc). In addition, she has acquired an MBA in the United Kingdom while studying in a full­ time MBA program, which was a teamwork­-focused program with multicultural teams.

She has extensive experience of working in Finland and globally in different operational roles from B2B sales to process and systems development to running large customer service operations. Her experiences as a team leader, director, consultant, project manager, and sales executive, contribute to a wide range of competences providing her with an excellent understanding of organisational and cultural challenges. By applying Hofstede’s models combined with her skills and experience in organisational culture and change she can help organisations to perform more successfully.

A Finn currently residing in Helsinki, she has lived in the USA and has dual citizenship (Finland, USA). In addition, she has lived in the UK, Belgium and Australia. She has also co­-authored a book on corporate culture which is a case study on a world-­famous global organisation.

She likes downhill skiing, Nordic walking, jogging, and tennis. She enjoys mid­-century modern architecture & furniture and Scandinavian design.