Merita Vilen

Merita Vilen

Based in Seattle, Merita is a Transformational Change Management Consultant with deep expertise in organisational dynamics and delivering workplace culture programs with real business outcomes. Future of work, cloud and data-driven transformation strategies with a specific focus on change are areas of interest and passion. She has a strong technology industry background which helps her to deliver consulting work in the digital transformation arena.


USA, United Kingdom, Finland, Belgium, Australia

English, Finnish

United States of America


Merita Vilen is an experienced, global Culture and Transformation Advisor and Practitioner leveraging organisational culture for mastering change. With her strong technology background, she is often instrumental in helping to align business and IT stakeholders to deliver digital transformation initiatives. By using culture data and insights to implement transformation strategies she helps clients achieve measurable business outcomes. She excels in cloud transformation, modern workplace, technology adoption, technology ecosystem programs as well as culture change projects for multinationals.

At Nokia, she was a global process leader for Contact Center Platform which was over 10+ million-dollar program spanning over several years. Additionally, Merita has led a large-scale Contact Center Operations with over 500 + staff reporting to her with 12 direct reports at Telco. Her results included: increasing employee experience with double digits, improving performance management processes, setting up learning and development programs, developing change champions network and reducing operational costs.

Mindset change, Agile ways of working with the knowledge of global Scrum practices, psychological safety in a larger global organisational context, how trust manifests itself across cultures, effective leadership styles to help employees can do their best work are some of the key factors and areas in her consulting deliverables. Merita uses cloud-based change management platforms and digital data tools to support her consulting work in addition to Hofstede Insights assessments and culture data.

Merita has co­-authored a book on the famous Nokia story, the most innovative company at one time when new, disruptive wireless technology emerged and then to a failure to innovate at all. Resulting in a famous case study of unhealthy corporate culture which inhibits any change and new innovations. Every business and technology leader, specifically large, global corporations, can learn from these mistakes when planning and executing digital transformation initiative.

She has two Masters degrees from Helsinki University and Reading University Henley Business School.

Honour and Awards

– Cloud Fundamentals by Amazon Web Services
– Microsoft Azure Basics by LearnQuest
– Google Cloud Platform Business Change Fundamentals by Google
– Change Agent Certification by Change first