Miho Fukunaga

Miho Fukunaga

I will provide training and consulting which bridge between different cultures


Japan, USA

Japanese, English



During years of experience in international exchange activities, Miho learned that cultures had a significant impact on business. She believes that mutual cultural understanding is necessary for long-term international business. Therefore, she studied Intercultural Relations at Lesley University in the United States and received a master’s degree. Then Miho joined Hofstede Insights as an Associate Partner in 2019.

Miho holds a master’s degree in Intercultural Relations (Specialty: Intercultural Training) and is certified in Intercultural Management with Hofstede Insights.

Before becoming an Associate Partner, Miho worked as a chief of Division for Global Initiatives in a general hospital. She was in charge of all the international activities in the hospitals and contributed to its globalization. She increased the staff’s cultural awareness and improved the circumstances for international patients to make the hospital easily accessible to them.

Miho has visited more than 35 countries for business and non-business reasons and is still planning to visit the countries where she hasn’t yet.

Honours and Awards 

  • Industrial counsellor, Japan Industrial Counselors Association