Mikiko Katsu

Mikiko is a HR consultant with expertise on Learning and Development in intercultural management,leadership development and organizational culture.She has deep understanding on the cultural differences within Asia and issues of middle-managers in organization. She discusses, designs and facilitates seminars and workshops in Japanese and English. She has MBA (Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo Japan).

With 20+ years working experience in electronic manufacture,IT start-ups and HR consulting company, Mikiko gained deep understanding about various industries and their common issues related to HR. Her professional roles in HR, business development, alliance marketing and sales and exposure to the different cultures also equipped her with an integrated perspective of intercultural and organizational issues in today’s global economy.

Mikiko has lived in Denmark, Spain, England and Korea.Now she is a Director of Tokyo-based training company, CICOM BRAINS and since 2012,she has been cultivating business opportunities in South East Asian countries and managed various experiential learning programs in Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Sri-Lanka and Thailand.In 2017, she started the Indonesian operation of CICOM BRAINS in Jakarta.

In her free time, she enjoys camping and windsurfing with her family.