Milena Vegnaduzzo

Milena Vegnaduzzo

Working everyday with people from all over the world I learned to change my mindset quickly. I will help you take off your cultural glasses to see things from a different perspective to enhance understanding, communication and collaboration with people and to boost your business to the next level.


Italy, UK

English, Italian, Spanish



In over 20 years of experience working as sales and project manager for the language service providers sector, Milena gained unique insights on how to best communicate with people from different backgrounds and cultures, building trust and resolving conflicts. She is passionate about exploring new ways to inspire people to cooperate and work together with mutual respect and confidence, ultimately driving towards accountability and outcomes.

Her goal is to raise awareness on cultural differences as a winning professional skill that businesses can leverage as a competitive advantage in today’s globalized scenario. Focusing on intercultural communication she helps executives and organizations avoid cultural pitfalls in marketing and advertising, gain trust and engage in effective negotiations.

With this goal in mind, Milena gained her certification in Intercultural Management with Hofstede Insights and is an associate partner since 2019. She now delivers trainings to overcome cultural differences and focus workshop on specific countries.

Milena holds a degree in Classical Studies, a Master in Speech and Language Processing from the University of Edinburgh and she studied and worked as a university researcher in several countries such as Spain, Germany, Netherlands, UK and USA. She finally settled in Italy where she runs her own translation company.

She is interested in cognitive and behavioural neuroscience and she is currently preparing to become a professional mentor. In her free time, she enjoys running, playing golf, practicing yoga and expressing her creative side in abstract paintings with bright colours and mixed media.