Navkaran Singh

navkaran singh

Helping companies to Manage & Lead international teams, Assess & Execute Cultural Transformation and Improve Operational Efficiency among culturally diverse teams. Successfully delivered multiple projects for clients in IT, Telecoms, Digital Marketing, Pharmaceutical, Insurance & Aviation industries


UK, India, Germany

English, Punjabi, Hindi



As a former Global Transformation Manager, Navkaran’s expertise lies in setting up and executing global transformation projects. Projects range from cultural awareness workshops to large-scale cultural transformation projects. Navkaran has worked with companies including Airbus, Epsilon, Ericsson, Siemens, ACG, and RPG.

Navkaran is PMP Certified and holds an engineering degree in Computers, Networking & Communications Technology. He is certified in Intercultural Management and Organisational Culture with Hofstede Insights.

Before becoming a consultant with Hofstede Insights, Navkaran worked as a Global Transformation Manager for Ericsson Telecoms in the UK. During his role, he was responsible for setting up and executing business transformation projects for Western Europe, Romania, and India. Typical project activities included assessing the local operations in European teams, preparing the end to end project plan, executing the knowledge transfer plan and ensuring the operational readiness in newly set up teams in Global Centres. Navkaran led and completed more than 20 projects bringing in more than €10 million savings per year.

Parallel to this role, Navkaran was also the internal Intercultural Management consultant within Ericsson responsible for cultural consulting and running cross-cultural workshops. He completed multiple workshops for teams based out of the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Romania, Croatia, and India.

Navkaran is also the CEO and co-founder of the Organic Health Foods company called LoveOrganics in India. He is responsible for setting up and executing the overall strategy for the company.


Nav helped us deliver multiple Cultural workshops across Europe and India for our Global Transformation Projects. This helped us to mitigate the risk arising due to cultural differences between various countries across Europe and our Global service centers in Romania and India.

Peter Van Wijngaarden, Global Transformation Director, Ericsson

We engaged the services of Navkaran for our multinational teams based out of the UK. Cultural Awareness workshop delivered by Navkaran were greatly appreciated by the team and helped us to improve internal communication and operations within the team

Hannah Clarke, HR Manager – Siemens UK