Pepi Burgos

Pepi Burgos has studied, lived and worked in Spain, where she was born and raised, United Kingdom, United States and the Netherlands. She holds a PhD in Language and Communication from Radboud University, the Netherlands.

Pepi has worked for more than three decades as a language and culture lecturer, as well as curriculum designer and developer, at several universities in Europe and beyond. She specialised in intercultural communication, particularly – but not restricted to – in issues involving Spanish-speaking communities (i.e., Spain and Latin America). She trained international business managers on their linguistic and intercultural competences and skills for nearly 18 years at Regina Coeli, ‘the nuns of Vught’.

Some of the trainings Pepi has designed, developed and delivered focused on

  • doing business globally,
  • developing presentation, meeting and negotiation skills
  • designing marketing campaigns taking into account culture and consumer behaviour
  • understanding the influence of culture on persuasion processes
  • Train-the-trainer

Pepi has extensive first-hand experience and knowledge of the impact of cultural on international business communication, decision making, teamwork, performance feedback, persuasion and change management.


International business communication, intercultural communication, corporate communication, marketing communication, learning and development, international teams, persuasion, change management


Pepi can deliver trainings, lectures and presentations in Spanish, English and Dutch