Pernilla Rorso

Growing up in a culturally diverse family, ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated by national cultural differences. A combined interest in business and management as well as national culture, led me to study international business and international business strategy.

This is where I was first introduced to Professor Geert Hofstede’s ground-breaking research into differences in national cultures. Many years later, Geert Hofstede continues to serve as my true source of inspiration. I have learned more from him than any other person I know.

With Hofstede Insights I have found my perfect match. The company has and continues to be instrumental in the operationalisation of our scientific partner Professor Geert Hofstede’s academic research into practical knowledge and tools for the benefit of individuals and organisations around the world.

My passion is to help people and organisations understand how culture affects international business and management and help them learn how to actively manage such cultural differences in real life in an easy, yet very effective way.

I am dedicated to help organisations and individuals build cross-cultural capability in such a way that performance is increased. My goal is to advance the scientific knowledge of our discipline and its relation to business performance even further.