Philip Sjogren

Philip Sjögren is a facilitator, trainer and coach. His work focuses on helping people and team that work mainly in large organisations find their personal leadership style that works across cultures and organisational structures.

Philip graduated in International Trade and Development from the Stockholm School of Economics. He started his career as a diplomat in the Swedish Foreign Service. After some exciting years with responsibilities relating essentially to the United Nations, he switched to the private sector, working as a Strategy Consultant for McKinsey & Company. During this work, Philip increasingly experienced how the human factor influences our ability to drive change and progress. He chose to refocus his work on training, coaching and facilitating.

Philip’s focus on culture came with his upbringing. In spite of his Swedish sounding name, his origins are Austrian and French. Thus, he spoke French to his mother and her family, Austrian to his father’s family, Swedish to his friends and just could not avoid English. Although he was given a French schooling, Philip grew up and currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden. He also lived in Latin America and in the USA.

As a diplomat and consultant he has worked in some 40 countries and interacted with people from most countries including Sudan, Iceland, the Vatican and Vanuatu, to name a few more unusual ones.