Pia Kähärä

A native of Finland, Pia Kähärä has a keen interest in languages. She studied Swedish, German and French at school, but decided to study a more “exotic” language – Russian. In 1990, just after the collapse of the Soviet Union, she started studying Russian translation and interpretation at the University of Joensuu. During her studies she worked for a couple of summers in Moscow in a representative office of a Finnish company with Russian colleagues and subordinates, acquiring the first taste of living and working in a different culture.

In 1997, she finished her MA studies in Finland almost parallel to her MBA studies in London. Since 1997 she has worked in sales, marketing, exports, imports, and general management in different sectors, such as mobile devices, IT solutions, wholesalers, and the marketing communication sector. Before starting her consultancy career in 2009, she had also lived as an expat in Moscow and Almaty (Kazakhstan).

Since 2009, she has worked with her team as a consultant helping Finnish companies in their ’go to market’ efforts in Russian-speaking countries like Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, as well as helping companies from those countries come to Finland.

In addition to her native Finnish, Pia speaks fluent Russian and English. Pia’s aim is to help managers perform better in business between countries and in multicultural teams – diminishing stereotypes between societies. Her broad practical business experience with European and Russian-speaking countries helps her to deliver tailored programs and trainings that are firmly anchored in solving real-life business situations.