Salman Raza

Salman is a visionary and reformist at heart who has a passion to assist companies through awareness of the numerous lenses in business transactions. He’s an advocate for inspirational leadership by bridging the gap between technical competence and recognition of soft skills. He has a comprehensive understanding of personality types, emotional intelligence and international cultural differences which he uses to implement a 360-degree approach to sustainable business enterprise.

Salman’s professional aptitudes include MEng in Biomedical Engineering, MBA in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Strategy and MS in Strategic Management. With over a decade of experience in medical device regulations, strategy and organizational/ international culture awareness, Salman offers a wealth of experience in product development as well as effective implementation and assessment of business management systems.

In addition to his academic qualifications, Salman’s publications include, various articles in risk management, business management systems and is author of the self-help book ‘Life’s Non-Conformities’. The book captures his experience on how to effectively build capacity and augment soft skills in professional environments.

Salman’s experience of living in four continents, and various global travel opportunities have provided him with a heightened awareness of international cultures. He has worked in numerous countries within Europe, North & South America, Oceania and Asia, making him a valued associate of Hofstede Insights in USA.