Sumiko Shimo

Sumiko provides practical insights and innovative solutions to organisations, teams and individuals to help them identify and address any cross cultural challenges that may be inhibiting the future growth and potential of the individual or their organisations.

Sumiko is a Japanese native and has lived and worked for 20 years in North America, having graduated in Social Psychology from Konan University in Japan and with a Masters (MBA) from University of Windsor in Canada. She currently resides in Ontario, Canada, where she provides consulting, training and coaching services in intercultural management, organisational culture and change management.

Before joining Hofstede Insights, Sumiko has worked for multi-national corporations in the media and automotive sectors and as a member of cross-border joint-ventures in both the private and public sector. This diverse cross country and industry background has given Sumiko insightful experience of multiple cultures and insight into both the group and individual behaviours of teams operating in cross border operations. Using this professional experience and her training in the research based models of Professor Geert Hofstede, Sumiko is able to provide her clients with powerful insights that enable them to leverage the power of cultural diversity for business advantage and to optimise organisational culture to achieve their strategic goals.

Sumiko is also a certified Co-Active® Coach of the Coach Training Institute (CTI) and a certified NLP practitioner. She is fluent in Japanese and English and conversational French.