Tatjana von Bonkewitz

Tatjana holds a Master’s degree in languages, an MBA as well as a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. Born in London to German parents and a long-time resident in Luxembourg, she holds three passports and has been introduced to different cultures from very early on, living in several countries in Europe and working globally in various industries. Living and working in a multicultural environment, juggling six and a half languages and many cultures has become a second nature. She has led intercultural teams on the business and on the HR side.

She is passionate about culture, national and organisational and supports individuals and organizations in transition phases, cultural change and leadership. She is driven by her desire to make an impact and dedicates part of her time to social projects and collaborates with connect2us.

Having been a foreigner for most of her life, she feels comfortable in the multicultural environment Luxembourg offers and handles the challenges and opportunities with a natural ease.

She is a mother of three wonderful children and spends her free time playing the piano and cello, reading, running and exploring new countries, cultures and languages.