Thomas Van Berckel

Based partly in Bangalore, India, and partly in the Netherlands, Thomas van Berckel works, since 2017 through his current agency ‘Dutch Roof Consultancy’, almost exclusively for Cap Gemini in a project of selecting and training Indian IT-consultants before they start working in the Netherlands.

Providing intercultural guidance is an important part of this project. Since October 2017 he is part of the consultants’ network of Hofstede Insights.

Thomas is member of the advisory board of ISMSB- Business school in Bangalore and gives regularly lectures at different schools. Since 2004 he is also running a NGO -for youth education- called Toe to Heart.

Thomas has been entrepreneur -in different entities- since 1999 and resides since 2004 in India. His spouse is Indian and together they have a teenage daughter. He travelled to over 30 countries and worked in several of them. He received several awards, inclusive of an ‘Outstanding Global Leadership Award’ in Dubai, in 2018.