Wei Zhang

Born and raised in China, Wei Zhang is now the professor of Management at a Business School of one of the top Chinese Universities in Beijing. Her main teaching and research field is Organizational Behavior and Cross-culture Management. Wei spent 6 years working and living with her families in Germany. She studied and worked for 2 years in the USA and she travelled and worked in over 10 countries (Great Britain, France, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Canada, Indonesia). During these years abroad Wei developed her direct and indirect experiences and expertise in intercultural management. She is now also the guest professor at University of Applied Science, South-Westfalen and Friedrich-Schiller University Jena in Germany.

Wei has worked as a consultant for Red Bull Beverage Group and the Great Wall Wine Ltd. Since most of her students are of different culture and at different business industries and levels, such as MBA and IMBA students from all over the world, they gave her a lot of inspirational ideas about the real business situation and different culture settings. During her bridge work as the Chief Representative for University of Cologne and China-NRW Alliance in Beijing, her German multifunctional team leader introduced her to the Hofstede Insights in 2007. Hofstede Insights gave her another platform to exhibit her expertise to help international managers developing cultural competence.

Wei is fluent in Chinese and English, while maintaining a conversational level in German.