Yasushi Watanabe

yasushi watanabe

A management consultant focusing on strategy and transformation


Japan, UK

English, Japanese



Yasushi is a CEO of Caeru Inc, a management consulting firm specializing in organizational transformation. He supports companies which have malfunction issues in organization and talent development.

Yasushi has a background working as a project manager at BCG. During 4 years of experiences at BCG, he was involved in a wide variety of projects in global & domestic marketing, PMI, business portfolio management, and organization development. Profound knowledge of industrial goods, auto, and high-tech industry.

Prior to BCG, 6 years experience in marketing & sales at Sony, including 2.5 years experience to work in the UK. The experience of culture shock in the UK is one of the big reasons why he is working as an associate partner of Hofstede Insights.

Yasushi has a master degree in media and governance at Keio University, Japan. He was certified as an associate partner of Hofstede Insights.

He is also one of the board members of Hofstede Insights Japan and supporting various Japanese companies from 2014.