Cross-Cultural Marketing Certification Course (CMC)


  • PRICE: 5000€

Did you know that marketing campaigns designed in the US have a higher chance to succeed in Germany and Brazil, but the other way around will have a higher chance of failure?

Did you know that consumer culture wise, Brazil and Germany are closer to each other than anyone of them to the US?

The 2-days Cross-Cultural Marketing Certification Course is aimed at branding and marketing specialists that wish to understand and leverage the impact of culture on the success of global marketing and branding operations both on a country level and on a more granular level (specific target groups within a country).

The course consists of:

  • online pre-work
  • a two-day physical course
  • e-coaching during the implementation of a first client project


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The Culture Connections ™ database, finalized in 2017 by Mediacom in collaboration with Hofstede Insights has granular data from over 60.000 respondents from 63 countries, enabling us to distinguish between consumer segments based on among others:

  • country
  • age
  • gender
  • income compared to country
  • education level
  • and in some areas; region, race, ethnicity and language are spoken
Benefits of the course:
  • The ability to leverage Hofstede´s 6-D ™ data and Culture Clusters ™  in consulting projects.
  • The possibility to request data runs for clients projects which require granular data from the Culture Connection™ database.
  • Access to a revenue-sharing model regarding the proprietary database output.
  • Access to a global network of specialised culture professionals from Hofstede Insights and marketing professionals from a.o. Mediacom to assist with global assignments
  • A certification to indicate that you are trained by the best when it comes to culturally adapted marketing analysis.
  • Case studies from large-scale operations EASME, UNILEVER, MEDIACOM

The course costs 5000 euros and includes:

  • The above-mentioned benefits
  • Pre-work, including a 90-minute online e-learning for those not yet certified in Hofstede´s 6D model.
  • A 2-day intensive training course in Helsinki, Finland
  • Support in the field during your first assignment
  • A webinar after the face-to-face course
  • A course binder with reading materials and exercises
  • Course facilities, coffee breaks, two lunches and one dinner.

We reserve the right to decline your Course attendance application based on criteria determined by us in our sole absolute discretion.

For more information on our cancellation policy please follow the link