Cultural Ambassador Chattanooga, USA

  • DATE: May 16-17, 2019
  • LOCATION: Chattanooga, USA
  • PRICE: €1500/US$1690

A Culture Expert Inside your Organisation

`Does your Organization Culture support your Business strategy? What kind of culture shift will make you more ‘Resilient’, ‘Innovative’ or for that matter simply more ‘outcome focussed’ or ‘customer-centric’?

In organisations where identifying cultural differences and the problems that may arise is a key concern, we have the perfect solution: The Cultural Ambassador Program.

This two-day workshop will help you to visualise the impact corporate culture and national culture have on your operations, gain skills to effectively identify the cultural challenges within your organisation and take measures to minimise their effects. You will take home key lessons that help you to guide your organisations in working more effectively.

Benefits of the Course:
    • Navigate the field of organisational culture, based on the understanding of the Multi-Focus Model
    • Access to the online toolkit that allows you to scan the culture and subcultures of your own organisation
    • Opportunity for you to get a first-hand experience on the tool by participating in the culture scan process
    • Insight into the combination of Organisational Culture and National Culture
    • A ‘Certificate of Culture Ambassador’
Cultural Ambassador Program Agenda

Day 1
09:00                  Welcome
09:15-10:45       Simulation and introduction to culture
11:00-12.30       Hofstede 6D model – a language to master
13.30-15.00       The impact of culture on communication
14.30-15.30       Case Study
15.45-16.30       Clustering reality
16.30-17.00       Q&A

Day 2
09:00                 Welcome
09:15-10:45      How does organisational culture form?
11:00-12.30      How do you change organisational culture?
13.30-14.30      How do you measure organisational culture?
14.30-15.30      Connecting organisational culture and national culture
15.45-16.30      Leading change
16.30-17.00      Q&A
17:00-17:10     Certificates ceremony


Demand for these courses is very high and places are limited.



Please consult our cancellation policy. 



The Ambassador Course is organised in various locations around the world each year and is hosted by a select group of Hofstede Insights consultants who are certified practitioner in Intercultural Management and Organisational Culture.

 Facilitators of the course 

About Lisa de Waard (Facilitator): Accredited practitioner in Intercultural management, Lisa has been working in the field of cross-cultural communication for almost 20 years, specialising primarily in the language and culture of Russia. As a linguist and teacher of Russian and Spanish, her research focused on linguistic miscommunication due to cultural differences.

About Kirk McDermott (Facilitator): Kirk spent 20 years in his first career as a family therapist in private practice. He now brings his expertise in people and the way human systems function to the arena of international business and cultural consulting. Originally from the United States, Kirk has lived in Germany and speaks four languages.

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Start date: May 16, 2019

End date: May 17, 2019

Start time: 09:00

End time: 17:00

Venue: Chattanooga