Cultural Ambassador Course for Corporates

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A Culture Expert Inside your Organisation

In organisations where hiring external consultants isn’t an option, we have the perfect solution: The Cultural Ambassador Programme.

Expert organisations need experts. Our corporate certification programme is aimed at providing your in-house experts with both the knowledge and the tools to recognise and visualise cultures.

Your Cultural Ambassadors will gain the skills to deal effectively with cultural challenges within your organisation and bring real, lasting solutions with impact.


Benefits of the Course

  • Navigate the fields of organisational culture, national culture, and change using the Hofstede framework
  • Focus on capitalising on the diversity within your organisation
  • Exploring, attracting, and retaining talent who bring different contexts and backgrounds to your organisation
  • Exploring entry to foreign markets for SMEs
  • Access to the online toolkit to scan the cultures and subcultures of your own organisation and propose paths to change
  • Insight into the combination of organisational culture and national culture
  • Opportunity to further develop mutual understanding and respect among people from different cultural backgrounds
  • Invitation to our annual conferences, which focus on exchanging information among colleagues and the latest cultural research
  • A platform to exchange and interact with experienced intercultural and organisational management specialists
  • Certification to show that you are qualified and competent to service your organisation as a first line Cultural Ambassador, enabling your organisation to more quickly identify and deal with cultural challenges.

Investment/What you gain:

  • A real-life measurement of the organisational culture of your company/department/organisation which serves as your certification assignment to make change happen
  • A 3-day intensive training course
  • A course binder with reading materials and exercises
  • Access to the Hofstede Insights network of experts worldwide
  • Course facilities and lunches

Demand for these courses is very high and places are limited. For further information, please get in touch by using the form below.


Event Details

Start date: November 29, 2017

End date: December 01, 2017

Venue: Bangalore, India