Cultural Ambassador Course for Corporates

A Culture Expert Inside your Organisation

In organisations where identifying cultural differences and the problems that may arise is a key concern, we have the perfect solution: The Cultural Ambassador Program.

Your Cultural Ambassadors will gain skills to effectively identity the cultural challenges within your organisation and take measures to minimise its effects.


Operating Globally brings many challenges: Each regional office is different. How do you run an organisation which enables your local offices to connect to your parent brand, but at the same time be served by local practices? Topics such as employee engagement, productivity, leadership and employer branding touch organisations globally, yet every location has its own particularities.

Join us for a refreshing one-day workshop which helps you to visualise the impact corporate culture and national culture have on your operations and take home key lessons that help you to guide your organisations in working more effectively.

Benefits of the CoursE:

    • First-hand insights into how to navigate the field of culture and strategy, using different models of culture.
    • Insights into how to leverage national culture traits to enable change
    • Case study experience in how to recognise the impact of culture on work situations.
    • Personal cultural pitfall assessment
    • Certificate of Cultural Ambassador

Dates and Location of the next course: TBA


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