Leading Successfully Across Cultures

Whether working globally or locally, few organisations can work solely within their own cultural context. Successful management of cultural diversity has therefore become a strategic advantage.

This learning programme provides a comprehensive tool for leading across cultures, helping you as a manager deal with numerous nationalities at once. As with all our learning programmes, we customise the trainings based on your specific needs.


Using a multi-method approach of case studies, simulations, and exercises, this programme will:

  • Provide you with concrete tools and strategies to improve leadership and develop long-term relationships with global colleagues and contacts
  • Give you an understanding of the impact of culture on how to communicate, motivate, and give feedback across cultures
  • Equip you with the necessary competencies to appropriately and effectively respond to the cross-cultural challenges that global leaders are faced with today

Who Should Attend This Programme?

Leaders of global companies or business units; senior executives with global responsibility; global project leaders and coordinators.


Here are some sample focus points in this learning programme. However, the course will be customised to your company’s needs:

  • Successful intercultural communication
  • self-awareness
  • Cross-cultural values and attitudes within teams
  • Giving feedback across cultures
  • Building trust in multicultural teams
  • Project management
  • Strategies for international team building/li>
  • Motivating across cultures
  • Leading virtual teams
  • Leadership and ethics
  • Matrix organisation
  • Organisational culture


Our trainers and consultants have first-hand business experience from working in international management positions, leading negotiations with foreign delegations and running global businesses.

With consultants in over 40 countries and a proven track record of more than 30 years, we can take your organisation -large and small – from an international presence to true global effectiveness.

Based on your organisation and specific needs, we select the trainers that can best help you.