Certification in Organisational Culture – Accredited Practitioner

5 500.00 

Our exclusively offered Certification courses have the endorsement of Professor Emeritus, Geert Hofstede.

The Certification Course on Organisational Culture and Change Management is based on the Hofstede Multi-focus Model.


Accredited Practitioner

This course is targeted at consultants and managers interested in using organisational culture as a tool of management and change. The course consists of two parts, a real-life measurement of an organisational culture of your choice, two webinars and a 4 day intensive training program.

Benefits of the Course

  • Navigate the field of organisational culture and change, based on the combinations of dimensions both on a theoretical and practical level
  • Access to the online toolkit that allows you to scan the culture and subcultures of your own organisation and/or that of your clients
  • Insight into the combination of organisational culture and national culture
  • Insights into the use of our change tools
  • Ability to integrate content and process into a focused change journey
  • Platform to exchange and interact with experienced intercultural and organisational management specialists.
  • Receive a certification to show that you are knowledgeable and able to service your clients by measuring organisational culture both on an actual and desired level, to assist clients in assessing their optimal culture, to explain the content of reports generated, and to assess whether change is required and if so in which direction.


  • A real-life measurement of an organisational culture of your choice which serves as your certification assignment to make change happen
  • A 4 day intensive training course
  • Direction in the field of organisational culture and management
  • A webinar before and after the face-to-face course
  • A course binder with reading materials and exercises
  • Course facilities and lunches

Demand for these courses is very high and places are limited. For further information, please get in touch by using the form below.

Offer for PHD Candidates:

For each certification course in Organisational Culture and Change we allow two PhD candidates to participate on a cost price level to the Certification Course in Organisational Culture and Change for practitioners.

Requirements For phd candidates:

The measurement of at least one organisational culture needs to be part of the thesis. The online scan is to be completed before the course starts and results will only be shared with the PhD candidate during the course. We will take care of the practical part of the measurement without applying additional fees.

The PhD candidate commits to referring to “Hofstede Insights” in the thesis and to share the thesis with us. We also reserve the right to disseminate the results.

The costs needs to be paid at least three weeks before the course starts.

If you are interested in this offer, send your application containing your research plan which clearly shows how the organisational culture measurement will be used and proof of enrolment in a PhD programme to info@hofstede-insights.com. 
If you require further info, contact us using the form below.


Event Details

Start date: November 27, 2017

End date: November 30, 2017

Venue: Milan, Italy