THE MATRIX LEADER- Pontevalle Matrix

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Learn how to lead effectively in a matrix

Why The Matrix Leader?

Leading and managing in complex organisations, such a matrix or a large global organisation, can be frustrating at the best of times. There’s no need to sugarcoat the fact that such environments aren’t always the easiest in which to succeed.  Dual reporting lines that have competing interests, dealing with silo’s and wading through politics that would sometimes make the most hardened politician break down, are all points of frustration for matrix and global leaders.

In this course participants will:

  • Understand what sets a matrix structure aside from simple organisation structures, and the challenges that come with a matrix
  • Identify the Proactive Matrix Leadership behaviours that improve leadership performance in a matrix
  • ​Develop personal resilience and learn how to lead with resilience.
  • Create a personal plan for implementing Proactive Matrix Leadership behaviours
  • Understand the role and importance of personal influence in Matrix relationships
  • Identify strategies for leading more effectively in culturally and geographically dispersed team


People or Technical Leaders


2 days F2F or Virtual equivalent