We Align culture and strategy

A successfully managed culture is at the very heart of every leading company in its field. Culture shapes and defines the people, the atmosphere, the parameters of how things get done. It is one of the most important components of any organisation yet the most neglected. Effective management of culture is crucial to succeed in today’s highly complex business environment.


At Hofstede Insights we aim to provide you with practical means to manage the impact Culture has on work and life. Using three research based concepts, we have operationalised our approach to offer you tangible and practical tips to create a unique competing zone for your organisation. We aim to assist you in constructing the Best Culture to Perform.



Mergers and Acquisitions are commonplace in modern global business. However, organisational culture is often overlooked in M&A processes despite it being a crucial element to success.

Every organisation has its own unique culture that develops and evolves over time. The combination of two unique organisational cultures is always a challenge. This is compounded by elements of national culture if organisations come from different countries.



We help organisations recognise the potential strengths of their common organisational practices and understand the benefits of the national cultures of their personnel.

Organisational culture must be taken into consideration if the M&A process is to be successful.



Change management (CM) focuses on how people and teams are affected by the organisational transition.

Organisational culture plays a significant role in change management. Organisations with highly engaged employees and open and effective internal communication are more likely to succeed in their change management initiatives. We help you to:

  • Measure your organisational culture (Multi-focus brochure) and define your optimal culture
  • Shape your organisational culture
  • Understand how your organisational culture helps or hinders you to implement your new strategy/new performance management/IT/HR system
  • Understand the importance of the role of your leadership team in organisational change. Organisational change is impossible without leadership buy-in. (Executive Match)
  • Plan and implement change by working closely with you throughout the process (Change Levers) so that the process of change is as effective and streamlined as possible.

RESEARCH-BACKED multi-focused model:

We define Organisational Culture as the way in which the members of an organisation relate to each other, their work and the outside world in comparison to other organisations. Your organisational culture can enable or hinder your strategy.

The Hofstede Multi-Focus Model on Organisational Culture is a strategic tool aimed at helping organisations to have a functional culture

It consists of six dimensions:
D1     Means-oriented vs. goal-oriented
D2     Internally driven vs. externally driven
D3     Easy-going work discipline vs. strict work discipline
D4     Local vs. professional
D5     Open system vs. closed system
D6     Employee-oriented vs. work-oriented

Learn more about the organisational culture model 

Intercultural management CONSULTANCY SOLUTIONS

We improve the effectiveness of organisations working amid diverse cultural backgrounds. We give you the know-how, competence, and tools to assess, measure and capitalise on cultural diversity.

We help you translate complex challenges into practical solutions. Create a tailor-made consulting package by choosing the elements you would like to include, or contact us to design the solution that best fits your specific needs.

DIAGNOSIS: Identify your organisation’s precise needs. Discover where your focus should be.

IN-HOUSE TRAINING PROGRAMMES: A sophisticated understanding of the intercultural aspects that influence daily operations

MANAGEMENT TEAM CONSULTING: Address challenges that management teams face with multicultural teams

E-LEARNING: One-hour e-learning programme to increase cultural awareness.

COUNTRY-SPECIFIC MANAGEMENT BRIEFINGS: Recognise and assess the potential pitfalls when preparing staff for expatriation to a specific country.


Set a meeting with one of our consultants to discuss the challenges faced by your organisation and practical steps to improve.

Practical insights are offered using our research-based concepts, based on and inspired by our co-founder, Prof. Dr. Geert Hofstede, and a global implementation network of certified trainers, consultants and coaches. This means that no matter your challenge we can find the right methodology and right delivery style to serve your interest.

Offering our clients the key to unlock cultural insights is what we have done since 1985, enabling organisations ranging from Lindstrom, Ikea, Siemens, IBM to align their cultural context and strategy.